New way to by pass iCloud on iPhone 4

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Step-Based Tutorial (Advanced Users)

  1. Put device into DFU mode
  2. Run ssh.jar wait until it says successful
  3. Open winSCP
  4. Open a new connection
  5. Host name:
  6. Port: 2022
  7. Login: root
  8. Password: alpine
  9. Press the terminal button in winSCP and type:
  10. Go to /mnt1/var/Applications  and right click and delete
  11. To activate your device and have it work with your mobile carrier, iTunes and Evasi0n copy the supplied files into the specified folders in the video.
  12. Reboot your device
  13. Your device will now be in recovery mode, Use Tiny Umbrella to kick it out of recovery as specified in the video.

If these steps seemed a little vague to you I strongly recommend watching the video below for an in-depth look.

All tools can be downloaded here


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Link download iOS 7.1 for all iOS devices

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ios 7.1

iOS 7.1

Apple just released new iOS 7.1 for all iOS devices from  iPhone 4 and now you can download and update your iOS devices throught iTunes.


What’s new in iOS 7 :


The software also lands with a number of new features, including:

  • CarPlay: formerly known as iOS in the Car, which supports iPhone calling, music, maps, and messaging. It also allows users to control certain functions through iOS’ in-built voice-activated assistance Siri;
  • Siri improvements: Including natural-sounding voices for U.K. English, Australian English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. You can also use it in push-to-talk mode by holding the Home button for the duration of your query;
  • Calendar changes: The list view has returned in month view, and the update has also included country-specific holidays added for many locales;
  • iTunes Radio updates: The radio feature, first introduced in iOS 7, has been updated with new features, including the ability to buy albums over-the-air from “Now Playing”;
  • Accessibility additions: The “parallax” motion feature option now includes Weather, Messages, and multi-tasking user interface animations;
  • Camera settings bolstered: Including a setting that allows users to automatically enable HDR mode for iPhone 5s users;
  • Touch ID improved: The software that controls the biometric reader has been improved to make fingerprint recognition better.



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Do not upgrade iOS 7.1 if you’re using iPhone version lock

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If you’re using iPhone carrier lock do not upgrade your phone to iOS 7.1 because yoursim transplant will not work. We recognized this condition on iPhone 5s, some user said that they have no trouble with iphone 4s, iphone 5. The trouble just happend to iPhone 5s. Anyway we have to wait more time if you want to use another carrier on your iPhone 5s lock.

Update : sim transplant working perfect on iPhone 4/iPhone 4s. Do not upgrade to iOS 7.1 if you want to use transplant sim.



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Link to download latest iOS firmware

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ios 7.0.6

You can download latest iOS 7.0.6  firmware for your iOS devices here:

Global and GSM which one should I choose :

GSM for iPhone Lock example : iPhone at&t,sprint,….

Global for Unlocked iPhone : – You can use with any SIM Carrier.

 + iPhone 5s

- Global :,2_7.0.6_11B651_Restore.ipsw

-GSM :,1_7.0.6_11B651_Restore.ipsw

 + iPhone 5 c 

- Global :,4_7.0.6_11B651_Restore.ipsw

- GSM :,3_7.0.6_11B651_Restore.ipsw

+ iPhone 5 : 

- Global :,2_7.0.6_11B651_Restore.ipsw

- GSM :,1_7.0.6_11B651_Restore.ipsw

+ iPhone 4s :,1_7.0.6_11B651_Restore.ipsw


iPad devices is updating..please wait ….

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Are you using latest iOS firmware ?

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iOS 7 compare to iOS 6 – image from mashable


What is firmware ? Firmware is a operating system running on your iOSdevices. Why I have to install latest firmware, usually new newest firmware bring alot of security and upgrade some functions of your phone. If you’re using iPhone 3GS your latest firmware is 6.1.6, iPhone 4,4s,5,5s,5c your latest firmware is 7.0.6 but not correct because Apple is going to introduced iOS 7.1. I really don’t know what will be change in the latest iOS firmware but Apple always bring the best thing to their iOS newer version. Where you can download newest iOS firmware ? I like most. It’s very easy to download iOS firmware and always update the latest in a minutes. If you’re new to iOS device just simple connect your idevices to iTunes and following the instruction. It’s the easiest way to upgrade new firmware for your devices.

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Acer introduced new CF card with very high speed

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Acer introduced new CF card. It use bus SATA 6Gbps replace for old transfer method Parallel ATA so it could read and write with 600MB/s this is amazing speed.

The Acer CFast has capicity 16GB, 32GB, 64GB to 128GB support 40-bit ECC, Wear Leveling Technology and S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). It will be sell for two type of card NAND flash SLC (single-level cell) or MLC (multi-level cell) following customer purpose.

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Apple iCloud byPass progress

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iCloud broken

iCloud by Pass

If you’re using iPhone, iCloud is something you must care about. The reason is may be you’re bricking on iCloud Activation screen and you why to by pass this bad screen but may be you have to waiting some more time. Hacker is working day by day to find out the tricks and something worked as iPhone 4. Use now can by pass iPhone 4 to use the phone normally expect services that’s really sad but there is some light at the end of the road.

If you own iPhone 5 time is trouble here because some people find  out the trick but it not working 100 percent and all of us include me have to wait and wait more. Please don’t forget that there is no way to by pass iCloud now so if anyone sell the trick to by pass icloud it’s fake. Don’t waste your money until us update iCloud by pass news.

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How to byPass iCloud on iPhone 4

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In this video they will showed you how to by pass iCloud Activation on iPhone 4. Keep in mind that this is only work on iPhone 4, not working on lastest iPhone.

Be carefull and doing exactly what clip showing you. If you success to by pass iCloud you can see network not working . We have to wait for the tools to fix this error but you can using your iphone normally.

If you don’t know how to do any step in this video.please pm me and i will guide you step by step.

I tested and it working 100% on my iPhone 4.

This is the link for the tools

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Download Wood Logo Mockup

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If you’re searching for beauty 3D logo mockup, this is free for you, beautiful 3D logo mockup from GraphicBurger.  This is the most beautiful logo mockup I have ever seen. It’s the time to show your boss about new company logo.

Download here

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Have you played School Cheater ? Download apk now

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If you never heard about School Cheater, now is time to try. Story of game is very simple. You’re lazy student and can not do exercise by yourself but you want to pass the examination, the only ways is copy from your friend :) All the funny things happened from here. It’s called School  cheater.

School Cheater is a beauty game with cute cartoon character and support iOS and Android. You can download this game directly from Google Play Store now and waiting for one week later to download from Apple Store. This game is very easy to play, your duty is hidden from teacher radar and do not make school gangster angry, copy more and more exercise to get high score :)

Have fun and enjoy School Cheater

APK Download : Dropbox

Google Play :

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